Pregnant Mom Shoots and Kills Intruder, Now She's Facing Horrible News

August 30, 2018Aug 30, 2018

A pregnant woman from Arkansas is facing some serious charges after shooting an intruder at her home. Krissy Noble was home alone when she heard someone outside her front door.

While this doesn't normally cause homeowners to be very alarmed, Noble's home had been targeted for multiple break-ins in recent weeks. She decided to go get one of her husband's guns for protection since she was all alone.

She answered the door and a man asked for her husband. She assumed they knew each other and told him that her husband would be home that evening. The man left after their conversation and Noble called her husband to confirm things.

It was then that she realized this was not a normal situation. The man and her husband did not know each other at all. Moments later, the mysterious man knocked on her door and when Noble answered it he forced his way inside.

A struggle took place and Noble was able to shoot the man three times. He died at the scene.

"When officers arrived at the scene that day, witnesses pointed them to the living room where Stancoff lay dead on the couch, a pool of blood on the floor next to him," according to the police report.

Police ruled that the shooting was justified, however, Noble was still in a lot of trouble based on her past criminal record.

"Noble is now charged with felony gun possession by a convicted felon and for allegedly possessing firearms between Nov. 7 and Dec. 7, Shue said. A warrant was filed for her arrest on Tuesday, records show," according to ABC News.

Since the incident, Noble has given birth to her son. She now faces up to six years behind bars.

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