Pregnant Hilary Swank’s Twins Due on Her Late Father’s Birthday

A miracle! Pregnant Hilary SwankHer twins could celebrate a birthday together with her late father Stephen Swank who died last year.

“You just announced that your father has passed away one year ago,” Drew BarrymoreIn a preview of the Friday, October 7 episode of The CW, she spoke with the actress at 48 years old. Drew Barrymore Show. “And this miracle is happening,”

The Million Dollar BabyAs tears began to pour into her eyes, the actress nodded her head. “Yeah and they are due on his birthday,” Hilary told the 47-year-old talk show host, who was visibly emotional over the news. “Yeah, I know, it’s like [wow].”


The Alaska DailyStar announced on Wednesday, Oct 5, that she is expecting twins along with her husband. Philip Schneider. (Hilary was previously married. Chad Lowe from 1997 to 2007, but the exes didn’t have children.)

“This is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time, and my next thing is I’m gonna be a mom,” the Freedom WritersActress: Good Morning America appearance. “And not just of one, but of two. I can’t believe it.”

The Oscar winner, who was married to Schneider in 2018, gush about her pregnancy during a stop by the Live with Kelly and RyanSet for Wednesday. “It’s such a blessing,” Hilary told Kelly Ripa Ryan Seacrest. “It’s a total miracle. It’s unbelievable.”

The Nebraska native showed off her growing baby bump via social media on Wednesday, captioning a cute video, “Coming soon…DOUBLE feature! 👼🏼👼🏼.”

Hilary’s exciting announcement came just days after she marked the one-year anniversary of her father’s death.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since you’ve transitioned,” the All the bestOn Saturday, October 1, the alum shared her thoughts via Instagram along with a video of moments with her father. “You are missed beyond measure and forever in my heart.♥️.”

Pregnant ​​Hilary Swank Reveals Her Twins Are Due on Her Late Father’s Birthday

Hilary had previously spoken out about her father’s death in January. She revealed that he died in fall 2021.

“This past year was a big one for me and I know for so many of us. A personal tragedy has caused me to be away from my phone for a few months. In October, my Dear Dad, made his transition to the other side,” the Golden Globe winner captioned throwback Instagram selfie with Stephen on January 1. “I had a rather unique relationship with him as I was his sole caretaker after a lung transplant seven years ago. I grew incredibly close to him during this time, deepening our relationship and savoring every moment we had together.”

The P.S. P.S. star called her father “one my most favorite persons,” noting that “not a day does by that I don’t miss him.” She explained that the grieving process was “devastating,” but also helped her to “better understand the circle of life.”

She concluded: “It helped me forgive, to move past the things that hold me back, in whatever form that takes each day. A deep connection to the Ultimate Source and, therefore, my Dad, is also a benefit. … Peace and Many Blessings to you, in all the forms they may come.”

To see Hilary’s full interview with Barrymore, tune in to Drew Barrymore ShowCBS Friday, October 7th at 9 a.m. ET.