Pregnant Hilary Swank Is Picking Out Baby Names, Nursery

Baby bliss! Hilary SwankAnd husband Philip Schneider are enjoying every moment of preparing for the birth of their “miracle” twins.

“Having twins is the icing on the cake for both of them, as she said it’s really a miracle come true and they’re beyond blessed,” a source exclusively reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly, adding that the 48-year-old Oscar winner’s pregnancy “has been pretty smooth” so far. “Right now, she has plenty of energy,” the insider added.

Swank and the entrepreneur have taken on parenthood and are now preparing for their baby’s arrival. “They’re picking out baby names, figuring out what type of cribs they’ll want, organizing a nursery and generally enjoying this magical journey,” the source continued.

Hilary Swank, Philip Schneider

The Million Dollar BabyStar announced her pregnancy earlier this year during an appearance at Good Morning America. “This is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time, and my next thing is I’m gonna be a mom,” Swank said at the time. “And not just of one, but of two. I can’t believe it. It’s so nice to be able to talk about it and share it.”

Swank later revealed that she was able keep the big news from her. Alaska DailyCoworkers until the second trimester.

“But my clothes started not to fit,” she recalled during an appearance on Live! Live!. “And then I put a jacket on that wasn’t in continuity. “And [they] came and said, ‘That’s not in continuity.’ I said, ‘Oh, I think it works.’ ‘It doesn’t.’ ‘No, it does. I’m going to make it work.’ She’s like, ‘If you’re an executive producer, you can do it, but this is weird.’”

The Freedom Writers actress continued: “It’s such a blessing. It’s a total miracle. It’s unbelievable.”

Swank — who secretly got engaged to Schneider in 2016 and married him two years later — has long been open about her desire to start a family. “I definitely would like kids someday. That’s definitely something that I’ve always thought about as a very, very young girl,” she told reporters in 2006. “I just love kids and that would be an important thing to happen for me someday whenever the time is right.”

The 2020 Nebraska native spoke out about her experiences with children. “Any type of mothering, any type of nurturing, is being a mother. I have many children around me [through] exes who I was with for many years,” Swank explained. “For a long while I was with a man who had a son and I helped raise him. And then after that there was a bunch of kids and I have tons of nieces and nephews.”

Before Schneider found love, the Boys Don’t CryStar was married to Chad LoweFrom 1997 to 2006. Swank began dating her agent John CampisiThey split in 2007 but they parted ways five years later. She went on with her tennis player Ruben Torres in May 2015 and  the couple announced their engagement in May 2016. However, UseThey announced their split two months later.

For more on Swank’s exciting baby news, watch the exclusive video above — and pick up the latest Us WeeklyIssue available at newsstands now.