Pregnant Heidi Montag Reveals Last Time She Spoke to Lauren Conrad

No mama drama here. Pregnant Heidi MontagShe is focusing on the positives, as she looks forward to having her second child with her husband. Spencer Pratt.

The reality stars exclusively confirmed they’re expecting in the latest issue of Us Weekly, opening up about their journey to conceiving their “miracle baby.” Montag, 35, and her husband, 38, are also the parents of 4-year-old son Gunner.

While some of the duo’s former The HillsCostars have come out to congratulate them for expanding their family. Lauren Conrad wasn’t one of them. “Lauren and I have not spoken,” the “Superficial” singer exclusively told Use. “Now that we’re both mothers, I think we see how unimportant so much of the drama is. Also it really makes you have a tighter group of friends, and you don’t really have time to chit-chat or have long-term acquaintances. At this point, we are just on different paths. I would hope there is more mutual respect.”

Heidi Montage and Lauren Conrad
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Montag continued, “The last time I did talk to her years ago, it was on a good note and it was a good conversation. So I really wish her the best and I am excited for all her success, that she has and her healthy beautiful kids and I would hope she’d wish the same for me at this point too.”

Conrad, 36, rose in fame. Laguna BeachIn the mid 2000s. Montag joined the Hills cast and the duo’s friendship became a central focus of the show. However, the women had a highly publicized falling out which played out during season 3 amid tension with Pratt, with Conrad telling her former friend, “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.”

The pair’s feud seemingly continued as The Hills: New BeginningsIn 2019, the premiere of this song was made. “I actually was kind of excited Lauren wasn’t on it because I felt like it was more freeing and fair, like, for me,” Montag said on Good Morning AmericaWhile promoting the MTV series, the designer was present at the time. (The designer was among three cast members who didn’t return for the spinoff. Kristin Cavallari Lo Bosworth.)

Montag still wishes Conrad and her had handled some things differently, despite their ups and downs throughout the years. “When I said goodbye to Lauren in her apartment, I wish I could have, even if they didn’t air it, tell her more of what was on my heart,” the Celebrity Big Brother alum told Us in May 2021. “You know, not just do it for a scene, because I didn’t think that was really one of the last times that I would see her.”

The former Marriage Boot CampStar and Pratt got married in Mexico in November 2008. A second ceremony was held the following year. Conrad, on the other hand, was married to her husband. William TellSince 2014. They have two sons, Charlie, 2, and Liam, 4.

Before having baby No. Montag and the California native shared their struggles to get pregnant. “I think that was important to share on Instagram and other situations because a lot of people are going through the same thing and it creates that support and love,” the pregnant TV personality told UsThe new issue. “I’ve had a lot of people reach out and say, ‘Thanks so much for sharing that, it made me feel better, it helped me through it, it gave me new ideas and inspirations of what I should do.’”

Pratt replied, saying that they had received an unexpected offer by pal Brody JennerThroughout the entire process. “I don’t know if he was serious. He seemed serious,” the Princes of Malibu alum told Use. “But [he] at one time was like, ‘Let me just pay for IVF.’ I was like, ‘Thank you.’ I thought that was nice. I think he was just sick of hearing about all these failed tests.”

Jenner, 38, “might have been one of the most excited people” the couple shared their pregnancy news with, Montag gushed. “He kept saying, ‘Heidi, this is incredible! This is amazing!’”

The Pratt Daddy owner continued, “He was in a very good mood that night. He took us to Giorgio for dinner. [Baldi]We celebrated. Brody is thrilled. He seemed very invested in the trip. [from]He filmed with us and understood how Heidi was feeling. He’s been a very good friend about the whole situation.”

For more on the couple’s pregnancy journey, watch the video above and pick up the latest issue of Us Weekly,Check out the newsstands right now.

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