Prayers Needed: Taliban Suicide Bombing Death Toll Climbs to 100, Injures More Than 200

January 27, 2018Jan 27, 2018
Updated Jan 28 2017 1030 AM ET

Prayers are needed after a terror attack struck the Afghan area Saturday. Reports originally revealed that at least 95 people had been killed and more than 158 were injured.

However, on Sunday, ITV stated that the death toll climbed to at least 103 people and reports of over 235 related injuries. Unfortunately, the death and injury toll may continue to rise.

According to CNN, a terrorist driving an ambulance truck blasted through security checkpoints. Explosives were aboard the vehicle, which went off near the Interior Ministry building—a central location in Kabul.

The Taliban, a large and well-known terrorist organization, quickly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Several politicians and world leaders have spoken out against the tragic attack including Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Halbe Zijlstra.

President Donald Trump also responded to the attack late Saturday afternoon.

This comes shortly after another terror attack took place at a hotel in the Afghan capital, killing several American citizens.

Please keep the victims and local authorities in your prayers. In other recent news, a Republican National Committee chairman suddenly resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations.

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