Breaking: Son of Sports Legend Passes Away Tragically from Suicide

July 29, 2018Jul 29, 2018

Please keep the Lawler family in your prayers tonight. The son of wrestling legend Jerry Lawler died Sunday afternoon after trying to kill himself Saturday night.

According to The New York Post, Brian Christopher Lawler, 46 – a former WWE wrestler himself – tried to hang himself in his jail cell. Guards found him and rushed him to a local hospital.

According to TMZ, remained on life support and was in critical condition until Sunday afternoon when he passed.

Earlier this month, Lawler was arrested for a DUI after a police chase. When they tried to pull him over, he continued driving. When the police finally got him to stop, they said he smelled of alcohol.

Lawler was best known in the WWE for his role as Grandmaster Sexay, and for his famous, legendary father, Jerry Lawler. He was also half of the tag team duo Too Cool with Scotty 2 Hotty.

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