Prayers Needed: Police Search for Missing Infant Believed to Be in Danger

February 01, 2019Feb 01, 2019

Police in North Carolina are searching for a missing infant who they believe to be in danger. They believe she is in Scotland County, NC, according to a local Fox affiliate.

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office said it’s trying to locate a woman known as April Morrison. Unfortunately, they believe that she may be going by an alias, which is complicating the search.

Morrison reportedly arrived in the Richmond County area 8-months pregnant. She gave birth to a girl recently, and that girl is believed to be in danger.

Scotland County Sheriff’s Office said the baby is likely not with her mother. The woman known as Morrison has reported to be deceased, but police have not confirmed that as a fact.

Investigators said Morrison has been staying in local motels and hotels between Richmond County, Scotland County, and Fayetteville.

Anyone with information about Morrison or the missing infant is asked to call 910-266-4332 Ext 4.

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