Prayers Needed: Hurricane Lane Causing Catastrophe in Hawaii Before It Even Hits

August 24, 2018Aug 24, 2018

Hurricane Lane hasn't even hit the big island yet, but Hawaii is already seeing catastrophic damage.

"CATASTROPHIC FLOODING OCCURRING ON THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII," declared the Central Pacific Hurricane Center at the top of its latest advisory.

Lane has decreased from a powerful Category 3 storm to a still-strong Category 2 on Friday. The hurricane, which has maximum sustained winds of 105, is moving very slowly, which is prolonging the rain fall on the island.

"The slow movement of Lane also greatly increases the threat for prolonged heavy rainfall and extreme rainfall totals," the Central Pacific Hurricane Center said. "This is expected to lead to major, life-threatening flash flooding and landslides over all Hawaiian Islands."

Senator Brian Schatz is already calling for help from the mainland. He wrote that Hurricane Lane has already been catastrophic.

"The National Weather Service, FEMA, DOD, FCC, FDOT, Coast Guard, and other federal agencies have been sharp and aggressive in their mobilization. We are only about halfway through this, and it’s already catastrophic, but the federal response has been more than solid."

Thousands across the island have also lost power. CBS reported that about 6,000 customers in Maui's Lahaina community have lost power. Another 2,600 customers are without power on Molokai, which is a large percentage of the island's 7,000 residents.

Power outages also impacted about 4,000 people on the Big Island. Likewise, more than 3,000 lost power overnight on Oahu as strong winds downed tree branches, but many of them have had service restored.

The hurricane has hurt the roads on Hawaii's Big Island. Three major roads closed due to flash flooding. Early Friday morning, only one highway was available for travel across the island.

Other roads are closed because of landslides caused by the pounding rain. More than 30 inches of rain associated with the hurricane had fallen on the Big Island as of early Friday, with some areas recording 35 inches in 48 hours.

People are sharing some crazy videos of the storm. The impact of the rain is especially bad.

In addition to rain and flash flooding on the other islands, the island of Maui is on fire.

"Maui County officials said there was a rapidly spreading fire in the community of Lahaina Friday on the island's western side. Nearby residents were being evacuated," reported CBS.

Friday morning, the islands of Oahu and Maui remained under a hurricane warning, while Kauai was under a hurricane watch. The hurricane warning for the Big Island has been dropped, and the island is now under a tropical storm warning.

FEMA officials are asking locals to heed the warnings.

"Please heed the warnings. It's very dangerous to be outside," FEMA Administrator Brock Long said. "Bottom line is that we're going to see torrential rains that could occur for the next 48 to 72 hours."

CNN summarized how FEMA is preparing for Hurricane Lane. They've got the following things in place before the bad weather hits.

  • 1,526: The number of people who stayed in 36 Red Cross shelters Thursday night.
  • More than 2,000: How many people are at Red Cross shelters now (about 500 more people entered shelters Friday morning).
  • 45: The number of Red Cross evacuation centers now open throughout the four-county area. There are additional shelters on standby in the event they are needed.
  • Between 2,500 to 3,000: The number of people the Red Cross expects to shelter by Saturday.
  • 3: The number of urban search and rescue teams FEMA says are standing by in Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii.
  • 2: How many disaster medical assistance teams FEMA has in position and on standby.
  • More than 80: The number of generators that have been distributed throughout the four counties, according to FEMA.

Please keep all of the Hawaiian islands in your prayers. They need them as the rain pounds down in one area the wind blows a fire in the other. May the Lord guide and protect them.