Prayers Needed: 2-Year-Old Girl Shot in the Head While Playing in Tennessee Backyard

March 22, 2019Mar 22, 2019

A tragic story is coming in today from Tennessee. Reports state that a young girl was struck by a stray bullet while she was outside in her backyard playing on her toys.

"A two-year-old Tennessee girl is reportedly in critical condition after she was shot by a stray bullet while playing in her backyard on March 15. Ariel Salaices was with her two older brothers on a slide when she was hit in the head, ABC News reported, citing the Johnson County Sherriff’s Department," reported Fox.

Her mother has now opened up about the incident and provided some more details to concerned viewers. Prayers are flooding in from around the globe.

"Salaices’ mother, Christina, said one of her brothers screamed for their father after she was shot. The little girl, who lives in Mountain City, southeast of Knoxville, fell off her playground set, walked toward the house and collapsed in front of her father and brothers, she told ABC. 'If it weren’t for him and my husband, she probably wouldn’t have had a chance.' She said when Salaices' father got her to the hospital 'it didn’t look good,'" wrote Fox.

The young girl is said to be on life support. She was flown by life flight to a specialty children's hospital in the area, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville.

The bullet severed an artery and caused extensive damage to the back of her brain, her family’s GoFundMe page said. “She ended up having a stroke, and that being said she has no function or blood flow to the trauma area,” the page added.

Her family said they are currently staying by her side every moment as they wait for her to recover. Doctors are unsure of the outcome that may be in store for the innocent child.

Police are working to investigate the incident.t At this time, there are still trying to find out where the bullet came from. A gun range in the vicinity may be a possible answer to that mystery.

Please join us in praying for a fun recovery for this young child of God! Also, a GoFund me page has been set up to help the family with expenses. It can be found here.

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