Our Prayer for Hurricane Irma

September 08, 2017Sep 08, 2017

In this time of emergency, we stand united with those impacted by Hurricane Irma. We encourage all to donate to on the ground aid organizations and challenge you to find a way to become involved personally, even offering a room, an RV, or parking to an evacuating family. As people of faith, however, we believe it is essential to lend our prayers as well. 

Please join us in this prayer for God’s mercy and intervention.

Heavenly Father,

     We come to You in humility. We are one nation, under You. We believe that in all situations, Your character remains the same: You are always good. You are worthy of our thanks and praise, no matter what we face.

     We ask you to save lives. Please open the highways in front of evacuees and give people safe places to go. Allow new shelters to open quickly. Guard and direct the first responders and law enforcement officers. Watch over their families during this time. Give them wisdom and effective strategies for rescuing and comforting those in trouble. We ask that no child nor elderly person would be stranded or separated from care.

     We pray for peace. Let citizens cooperate and share resources as they prepare. Let no one take advantage of their neighbors through price gouging or looting. Send Your presence to those who are afraid, lonely, or mourning. Give local and distant churches clear ways to sacrificially serve these communities.

     Please turn Hurricane Irma’s path, preventing further destruction. Diminish its strength. We pray that the other hurricanes and tropical storms would also dwindle and not become a factor in recovery efforts. Allow aid resources to be deployed quickly. Please bring healing and restoration to residents in the Caribbean Islands already devastated.

In Jesus’ Name,