Powerful Video: The Other Victims Of Genderless Bathrooms You May Not Have Thought Of

May 11, 2016May 11, 2016

When it comes to bathroom policies like Target's and the laws of numerous states, which essentially allow a man to use a woman's bathroom without question, it's easy to worry about the safety of women and girls. But there is a large subset of the female population that is especially terrified of open bathrooms because allowing men to have such easy access to them in a vulnerable place hits even closer to home.

And as more and more states start allowing males who simply "self-identify" as transgender into female restrooms, this is becoming a greater and great problem — and one that's largely being ignored by liberal politicians. As of June 2017, according to Legal Beagle, 12 U.S. states allow this to happen.

The states are the following:

— California
— Colorado
— Illinois
— Iowa
— Maine
— Minnesota
— New Jersey
— New Mexico
— Oregon
— Rhode Island
— Vermont
— Washington

Alliance Defending Freedom created this powerful, heart-wrenching video to bring this issue under the spotlight:

(Warning: This video is not intended for children and could be triggering for sexual abuse victims)

And this is just the beginning. A famous LGBT activist revealed the scary, real goal of the bathroom battle.

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