Possible Assassination Attempt on Ivanka Trump Thwarted

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

Secret Service agents in Trump Tower have thwarted what may have been an assassination attempt on First Daughter Ivanka Trump. And it’s truly bizarre.

ABC News is reporting that a man impersonating a senator walked into Trump Tower in New York City and tried to get access to Ivanka’s office. Secret Service officers stopped him when they noticed him wearing a bulletproof vest, according to the New York Daily News.

Upon searching 52-year-old Adames Benitez, they found two throwing knives and a tied-off sock with weights in it — a handmade weapon. He was also in possession of a fake New York ID.

Benitez was arrested and taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, especially after he claimed to also be the owner of Trump Tower and said he simply wanted to speak with Ivanka about her clothing line. On top of that, all of this happened on Thursday. Ivanka was not in Trump Tower that day or even in the country. She was in Poland with President Trump and other members of the First Family ahead of the G20 Summit Friday in Hamburg, Germany, according to Newsweek.

Despite the utter failure of his attempt to get to Ivanka, Benitez’ intent was clear, and it highlights the constant threat our president and his family is in from hostile characters of both sound and unsound mind. Please pray for their safety both here and abroad.

Back in June, 66-year-old James T Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice, seriously injuring House GOP Whip Steve Scalise. Scalise nearly died from his injuries and was recently re-admitted to the ICU.

In 2011, 23-year-old conspiracy theorist Oscar Ortega-Hernandez shot a high-powered rifle bullet through a window of the White House, nearly hitting a Secret Service agent, according to CNN. He later admitted to trying to assassinate President Obama, who he didn't realize was not home at the time.