Porsha Williams Refers To R. Kelly As A ‘Predator’ Who Sought Her Out, Opens Up About Being Sexually Assaulted By An Ex-Boyfriend + Calls Nene Leakes ‘The Voice Of Reason In My Life’

Porsha Williams Refers To R. Kelly As A ‘Predator’ Who Sought Her Out, Opens Up About Being Sexually Assaulted By An Ex-Boyfriend + Calls Nene Leakes ‘The Voice Of Reason In My Life’

Porsha Williams Continues to give fans an inkling of what to look forward to in her next book!

Recently, Porsha Williams dished on her personal life ahead of her memoir’s release. As previously reported, the reality star has already made an array of revelations about her journey to where she is today–including battling depression and suicidal thoughts as a child. She also revealed that she had several interactions with disgraced singers. R. KellyShe recently provided more information on the subject. She first acknowledged:

“I had my own business. I owned my own house. [But I had] a mentality that has been conditioned over the years by men–that they are better than me. I only have value if I am told that I have value. I believe that my weak mindset made it easy for him to prey on me and seek me out. It’s just in my life at that moment, it was just yet another man in the same position doing the exact same thing: taking advantage of me.”

R. Kelly

She went on to describe the aftermath of her time with R. KellyShe says that her life was changed when she heard a woman being beaten in his home.

“When I got home from that last encounter, I knew I had hit a wall. And I was completely traumatized, completely confused about why this was now happening to me as a grown woman.”

Porsha then recalled sharing her story with the FBI years later, revealing she was grateful after the experience:

“When the FBI left my house that day, I was so thankful for where God has brought me now–oh my God. I could have had. churchRight in my foyer. I had to be Porsha during our conversation to remember every detail. But after they left, I just looked around my home, I saw my daughter later, and I just thanked God for just me surviving and being where I am today.”

Porsha Williams with her daughter, PJ

She also spoke out about another traumatic relationship that she had in her twenties. After going to a bed and breakfast with a man referred to as “Southern Jon,” the pair became caught in a nasty argument. Later, the two became involved in a nasty argument. PorshaHe attacked her after she refused to share a bed with him. After initially fighting off the sexual assault, she revealed she proceeded to “lay there.” When the ordeal was over, she says she had a revelation about her choice in men:

“She’s looking for love in the wrong places. She’s wanting something from a man regardless of the red flags, regardless of anything else, and ending up in a place with yet another man who I loved who took advantage of me. I was realizing that there was a pattern when I saw the look in his eyes.”

Porsha Williams

Another sad account of her mid-twenties. Porsha Williams She also shared an interaction with an ex-NFL star Clinton Portis. She claimed that she found out she was pregnant with his child at the age of 24. He allegedly replied that his mother would take care of the baby after. Porsha The result was the birth of their first child. The situation was rectified. Porsha The decision was made to have an abortion.

Concerning her revelations about aborting a baby, Porsha Williams acknowledged:

“Out of everything that I talked about in the book, that was an easy one. The shame and regret, and the hurt and the loss–all of that is the same feeling that a lot of women feel. Hopefully, another woman who is going through something like that, or has gone through something through like that, will be able to forgive themselves quicker than I did.”

At this point, it’s worth noting that Porsha also shared how her mother–known as “Ms. Diane” on RHOA–reacted to the fact that the reality star would address these sensitive topics in the memoir. She stated:

“[My mom] said ‘I’m behind you all the way. Whatever you want to do, I’m in full support of you.’”

Porsha Williams and Ms. Diane

Let’s take a lighter note. Porsha Williams Then, reflect on being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Regarding what she’ll miss about the franchise, she stated:

“I think about the sisterhood–I really do.”

She also addressed the influence of her former co-star Nene Leakes During her entire life:

“On and off camera, [Nene was] the voice of reason in my life for me–helping guide me through this crazy divorce, this crazy new world of being a reality star.”

Porsha Williams, Nene Leakes

However, Porsha Also, we touched on the less-so great aspects of her. RHOAshe said that her worst experience was during her stint

“dealing with anger management. What I needed to do was get my emotions in check, and keep true to my character and understand what’s important. Through going to counseling during that time, I realized ‘You know what? How you want to leave this world, what legacy you want to leave behind?’ That’s more important than any argument.”

She spoke on her decision not to continue with the show.

“I knew that I wanted to semi-retire at 40. I knew my daughter was my world after I had her. That’s it. I want to spend as much time as possible with her. Because I was a person who had dealt with mental illness in the past, it was obvious that I needed to be mentally as healthy as possible. No drama, etc. Just in a happy peaceful place for my baby girl.”

Despite this, she insists on taking her time. RHOA

“a journey that I would never, ever regret.”

Porsha Williams

After this, she touched on the inspiration that drove her to become more politically involved with the Black Lives Matter protest movement during the 2020 demonstrations. This took place during season 13.

“After I saw what happened to George Floyd, I was sad, upset. I was in pain. I wanted to scream from the rooftops. And I had to go and be with the people of Atlanta–to get in the streets and try to speak truth to power, and figure out what it is we need to do. I discovered that I had the platform. Now what do I need? It just was something that I felt that I had to do, and my daughter was in the forefront of my mind the entire time.”

Finally, Porsha She reflected on other ways she has grown during her time on television:

“I’m actually proud of myself that I was able to grow in a positive way. I didn’t stay stagnant. I grew as an entrepreneur–I grew as a woman of substance. I found my voice on television. I found my way… I’m human, I live with my heart on my sleeve. This is me. And that’s just how I have lived on the show, and it’s done me well. Because now, as imperfect as I still may be, I love all of me.”

The Pursuit of Porsha Tuesday, November 30th: The show will air. Notably, this will happen two days after her reality show premiere. Porsha’s Family Matters.

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