Popular Retail Store Recalls Product That Contains 'Deadly Poison'

July 19, 2017Jul 19, 2017

Justice clothing store, a widely popular retailer, focuses on bringing clothing and accessories to “tween girls, ages 7-14”. What was previously known as Limited Too, the store has over 1,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. 

On Tuesday night the company executives decided to pull a specific type of makeup from all Justice shelves. This decision was made after reports were shown that the product contains a poison called asbestos.

The company had several samples of makeup tested in order to see what is in the products that are not listed as an ingredient. Products were tested by the Scientific Analytical Institute in Greensboro, NC.

During testing, Director of Research and Analytical Services, Sean Fitzgerald, found something alarming with the “Just Shine Shimmer Powder”. It contains asbestos, a poison that is especially dangerous for children to consume, even through breathing.

He said, “Fibers like this get into your breathing zone, and when you inhale, these fibers can get into the lung and go to the very bottom of the lung and that is exactly where you have the greatest likelihood of asbestos to cause disease.”

He also reported that “in this powder designed for children, they could die an untimely death in their thirties or forties because of the exposure to asbestos in this product.” He advised people to treat this as a deadly poison.

Justice pulled all of this specific makeup products from their stores. They also issued a national response to the incident.

"Justice has a long and strong history of concern for the health and safety of our girls. We are deeply committed to the safety and integrity of our products. Upon receiving an inquiry about the Just Shine Shimmer Powder product, we immediately began an investigation and, out of an abundance of caution, stopped the sale of this product in our stores and on our website. Our suppliers are required to produce all products in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. If any supplier fails to do so, it is our practice to hold them responsible. We cannot speculate regarding the matter while we investigate." Copyright 2017 Raycom News Network. All rights reserved.

If you have daughters that like to shop at this store, or know of others who do, please SHARE to get the word out about this harmful product. 

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