Popular Laundry Pods Proven Fatal For Tragic Reason

June 16, 2017Jun 16, 2017

A popular product has swept the market as consumers look for convenience in doing their laundry. The product, the dissolvable detergent pods, have now proven to be fatal in certain situations.

The pods pose a major threat to adults who suffer from dementia and memory loss and accidentally ingest them. The also can be fatal to children who do the same.

According to NBC News, a total of two children and six adults with cognitive impairment died over the past five years as a result of ingesting the pods, the CPSC reported. 5 of the deaths took place in the U.S. and one was in Canada.



"Manufacturers of liquid laundry detergent packets are fully committed to reducing accidental access to these products, which are used safely by millions of consumers every day," said the American Cleaning Institute in a statement.

Consumer Reports has written extensively about the dangers of the brightly colored pods. They are also recommending manufacturers change the look of the pods so they don’t appear to look like candy.

"Family members caring for anyone who is cognitively impaired [should] not keep pods in the home,” said the chief scientific officer at Consumer Reports, in their article.

Do you use these pods? Have you had any issues with them?