Popular Dog Food RECALLED For Potentially Dangerous Substance

March 20, 2017Mar 20, 2017

A popular dog food has been voluntarily recalled after it was discovered it could contain dangerous levels of hormones.

According to Blue Buffalo’s press release, their BLUE Wilderness Rocket Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner for Adult Dogs may have “elevated levels of naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormones.”

The company warns that “Dogs ingesting high levels of beef thyroid hormones may exhibit symptoms such as increased thirst and urination, weight loss, increased heart rate and restlessness.”

And if a dog continues ingesting that many hormones, they could also experience “vomiting, diarrhea, and rapid or difficulty breathing” and need a veterinarian’s care immediately.

Only one dog has gotten ill so far, but Blue Buffalo is doing an investigation and sending out a nationwide alert as they determined if more cans are affected.

Not sure if your can is one of the affected ones? Make sure it’s 12.5 ounce can with the UPC code “840243101153” and a best by date of June 7, 2019.

You can get return the dog food for a full refund and can contact the company at 866-201-9072 or CustomerCare@bluebuffalo.com.

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