Popular Christian Author's Anti-Biblical Statement On Gay Relationships

October 27, 2016Oct 27, 2016

Jen Hatmaker is a popular Christian author and speaker. She is especially well-known with mothers, as she offers a comical, throw-off-the-pressure-of-perfection take on motherhood.  Much of what she says is funny, relatable, and resonates deeply with Christian women. But her latest statements on homosexuality have many women pausing.

In a recent interview with Religion News, Hatmaker strongly affirmed gay marriages and homosexuality as good and even "holy." When asked if she supported gay marriage, Hatmaker answered: "From a spiritual perspective, since gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, our communities have plenty of gay couples who, just like the rest of us, need marriage support and parenting help and Christian community. They are either going to find those resources in the church or they are not. Not only are these our neighbors and friends, but they are brothers and sisters in Christ. They are adopted into the same family as the rest of us, and the church hasn’t treated the LGBT community like family. We have to do better."

When asked what she would do if one of her kids were gay, Hatmaker responded: "I think we would parent that child exactly the same as the rest of them. Which is to say, we would always be on their side and in their corner and for them and with them. We want for all of our kids the same thing: faithful, committed marriage and a beautiful family that is committed to God and the church. I would have the same standard across the board, no matter what." She went on to say that she believes that an LGBT relationship can be "holy."

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh has quite the opposite opinion and took to his Facebook to warn people of the heresy Jen Hatmaker is preaching. 



You can read Walsh's full response about Hatmaker's comments at The Blaze.

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