Popular Car Manufacturer Recalls Over 100K Cars for Risk of Air Bags Going Off

May 24, 2019May 24, 2019

Honda is one of the most popular car manufacturers on the planet. They have millions of vehicles across the globe that serve as daily drivers for customers.

However, a new recall has just been announced. Now, Honda is saying that over 118,000 SUVs may pose a serious risk to drivers. The airbag systems inside the vehicles may be improperly installed and could suddenly deploy at any given moment.

"Reuters reported that Honda received at least three reports of injuries after airbags in the 2019 Honda CR-Vs suddenly deployed. However, FOXBusiness reports that the company received six reports of sudden deployments, but none led to a crash," wrote Fox News.

The company said that metal burrs in the steering wheel could cause certain components in the vehicle to overheat and short circuit. At this time they are trying to alert as many people as possible in order to warn them of this potential disaster.

"To fix the issue, Honda says that the vehicles’ steering wheel wire harnesses and supplemental restraint system cable reels will need to be replaced," according to Fox.

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