Popular Automaker Facing Recall of Millions of Vehicles Due to Safety Concerns

January 02, 2018Jan 02, 2018

Due to consumer complaints so numerous that the federal government has had no choice but to look into the matter, the automaker Ford Motor Company may be facing a recall of millions of its popular F-150 trucks.

Originally, the automaker recalled 153,000 vehicles from the 2011-2012 F-150s and certain 2012 Expeditions, Mustangs and Lincoln Navigators because of concerns that their automatic transmissions could unexpectedly shift into first gear, reported Fox News.

"Under certain conditions, the transmission controls could force a temporary downshift into first gear," Ford said when the initial recall was issued.


"Depending on the speed of the vehicle at the time of the downshift, the driver could experience an abrupt speed reduction that could cause the rear tires to slide or lock up. This condition could result in loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash,” Ford said further.


Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating whether Ford needs to recall up to 1.4 million F-150s, Navigators and Expeditions. The years of the recall span from 2011 to 2013.


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