Pope Francis Shares a Message with Sean Spicer

August 29, 2017Aug 29, 2017

The American Catholic publication "America Magazine" has reported that a group of legislators and Sean Spicer got to meet Pope Francis earlier this week. While gathered in Italy with a meeting of the International Catholic Legislators Network, they were received by Pope Francis at the Vatican. 

In the picture below, Sean Spicer can be seen on the bottom right, snapping a picture with his cell phone.

America Magazine reports that Sean Spicer had previously expressed interest in meeting Pope Francis, but was left off the list of American officials who accompanied President Trump to the Vatican. Even Spicer's critics were saddened by the snub. After all, what matters more than political victory is the nourishment of souls, even the soul of a political opponent, and meeting Pope Francis has long been something that matters greatly to Spicer.

Pope Francis had a message to these American visitors. 

“As long as the contribution of the church to the great questions of society in our time can be put into discussion, it is vital that your commitment be constantly pervaded by her moral and social teachings, in order to build a more humane and just society,” Pope Francis said according to America.

Francis also reiterated that political leaders need to build bridges rather than walls. Whether bridges are built between political perspectives, between the powerful and the marginalized, between man and the natural environment, or between people in America and those fleeing from other countries, unity is better than division.

In recent news, President Trump has arrived in Texas with First Lady Melania Trump and has addressed the suffering people of Texas.

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