Pope Francis Makes Defining Statement about Transgenders

August 10, 2017Aug 10, 2017

Pope Francis famously said when asked about gay priests, "Who am I to judge?" He has, however, come to a very strong conclusion about the growing transgender ideology pushing its way into children's education, reports the Christian Post.

In front of a group of Polish bishops last week, Francis strongly said: "Today, children are taught this at school: that everyone can choose their own sex. And why do they teach this? Because the books come from those people and institutions who give money."

"God created man and woman; God created the world like this and we are doing the exact opposite," he said, saying the idea of telling kids they can choose their own gender is "terrible." The pope continued, "We are living at a time when humankind as the image of God is being annihilated."  

Catholic-based LGBT group DignityUSA told the Washington Post that Pope Francis' "lamentable" statement "put lives at risk." The spokeswoman opposed Francis' idea that gender is concrete, saying, "What many, including Pope Francis, do not yet understand is that people do not 'choose' their genders. A gender is assigned at birth, and some people discover that they were incorrectly classified."

The pope's statement comes in stark contrast to what Planned Parenthood and other liberal groups are trying to push on both parents and children. In a newly created section on their website, the abortion giant is now instructing parents to tell children as young as 4 years old that their body parts do not determine their gender. 

Likewise, they discourage parents from suggesting any sort of gender biases: “Be mindful of how you talk around your kids, too. Talking to (or in front of) your daughter about growing up and having boyfriends or marrying a man (and vice versa) sends the message that girls are supposed to like boys, and boys are supposed to like girls, and that anything is wrong or not normal.”

You can read more about what Planned Parenthood is trying to push on parents here. What do you think about Pope Francis' strong statement about transgenderism? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you!

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