More than 58,000 Pounds of Chicken Recalled in Southern State, Reportedly Contaminated with Rubber

February 12, 2019Feb 12, 2019

The United States Department of Agriculture posted another chicken recall at the beginning of February. According to the USDA, more than 58,000 pounds of breaded chicken products were recalled after the discovery of foreign matter contamination.

The not-read-to-eat popcorn chicken reportedly contained pieces of rubber. This particular recall is classified as a class 1 recall, meaning it poses a high health risk to individuals who consume the product.

The recalled chicken is named “UNCOOKED POPCORN STYLE CHICKEN BREAST CHUNK FRITTERS WITH RIB MEAT” with a “USE BY 10 01 2019” date. These were only distributed and sold at Publix Super Markets in the state of Florida.

A consumer complaint led to the discovery of extraneous materials. However, there have been no reports of illnesses or injuries in relation to this recall.

If this product is located in your freezer, please throw it away or return to the place of purchase immediately. Please contact the company’s customer relations department at (800) 321-1470 with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Chicken recalls have been sweeping the nation recently. In addition to this popcorn chicken recall, two companies recalled their chicken nugget products earlier this year and Costco’s chicken was removed from store shelves after 17 people were reported sick and 1 person died.

In other consumer news, Frito-Lay also issued a nationwide recall that is potentially serious and life-threatening. Please read the details here.

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