Poll: Here Are the 10 Most ‘Post-Christian’ Cities in America

July 17, 2017Jul 17, 2017

6. Hartford-New Haven, Conn. — 53% post-Christian
The Greater Hartford area, known as a national hub for insurance companies, has 1.2 million people. As for its religious affiliation, City-Data.com puts it around 50%.

7. New York, N.Y. — 51% post-Christian
With 8.5 million people within its limits, and people groups from all over the world represented by its inhabitants, New York is truly a world city. As for the religions of its many residents, the Public Religion Research Institute reports that 75% consider themselves part of a religion.

8. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Calif. — 50%
Long seen as the digital tech capital of the world, the San Francisco Bay Area includes almost 7.7 million people. The Public Religion Research Institute puts religious affiliation at 67%.

9. Seattle-Tacoma, Wash. — 50%
The biggest metropolitan area in the Northwest is home to about 3.8 million people. The Pew Research Center puts religious affiliation at 62%.

10. Buffalo, New York — 50%
Second to New York City in population in the state, the upstate city of Buffalo boasts 1.13 million people. 63% of its denizens subscribe to a religion, according to Sperling’s Best Places.

This map by Barna lays it out:

As you can see, there is certainly a disconnect between people who consider themselves religious and people who see themselves as devout Christians. And the “post-Christian” difference between the Northeast and the rest of America is stark.

Barna also included a ranking for the next 40 “post-Christian” cities and metro areas in America. See what made the list:

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