Politico Publishes Insensitive Cartoon Mocking Texans

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

The people of Houston are struggling with the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina, but Politico thinks it's OK to post a comic mocking them. Matt Wuerker,  the staff cartoonist and illustrator for POLITICO, drew a cartoon that mocked Texas's past threats of secession, pointing out that the Federal government is aiding them in their time of need.


But as you can see, he also took this opportunity to take a swipe at Christians. 

"Angels sent by God," exclaims the man in the cartoon, who is being saved by a Coast Guard helicopter. 

The coast guard replies,"Er, actually Coast Guard...sent by the government." 

Above is a screenshot of the original tweet. The cartoon has since been deleted from Politico's Twitter, but they didn't move fast enough. People all over the internet now know exactly how the news outlet views Texans and how low they're willing to stoop in a time of tragedy. 

Before they deleted the tweet, people had already begun responding. Here are a few below. 




Do you find the cartoon offensive? Let us know in the comments. In other tropical storm Harvey news, unlike Politico, Taiwan has stepped up to support Texans: Taiwan is Showing Their Support for America in a Huge Way After Hurricane Harvey.

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