Politically Correct Culture Runs Wild: Colleges Destroy THIS American Treasure

November 04, 2015Nov 04, 2015

A reporter for Project Veritas put the political correct agenda that is sweeping the country to test.  She went undercover as an offended student to different colleges.  The subject of her outrage?  The Constitution of the United States.

The undercover student brought copies of the U.S. Constitution to the Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity at Vassar College as well as to a Professor of History at Oberlin College.

“Last week something kind of happened on campus that kind of really upset me and I ended up having a panic attack,” The reporter told the Vassar College representative, “They were handing the Constitution out on campus.  They were handing it out and as soon as I saw it you know I started to not be able to breathe, hyperventilating.  My vision went blurry and I just kind of just lost control.”

The reporter handed the Assistant Director a copy of the Constitution.  The A.D. looked at the copy of the Constitution and back at the reporter sympathetically.  “And so what I think you’re sharing with me is that your interaction in receiving this was harming, right?” the A.D. asked.  “And that’s what we certainly want to avoid; we don’t want to limit people in exchanging ideas or having opposing viewpoints, but when it’s disruptive or causing harm.”

“Yeah,” the reporter played along, “which I think the Constitution does.  I mean, it’s not just me.  I mean I thought that Vassar wanted to create a safe place here, you know a place that… where students could walk around and not be scared of seeing discriminating things on campus.”

The reporter then suggested that maybe the Constitution should be removed from the campus entirely.  While the A.D. stopped short of that outlandish idea, she did endorse the destruction of the copy that the student brought in.  The two of them went to the shredder and shredded the entire constitution, every word and page.

While the incident at Vassar College was outrageous enough, the other incident at Oberlin was worse.  It was worse in the fact that it was a history teacher that agreed with the undercover reporter that “the Constitution in everyday life causes people pain.”

The youth of the nation are being educated at institutions like these everyday and that is scary.  A history teacher should know the context and contents of the Constitution.  It is probably the single most important document in all of American history.  It is a powerful document that ensures all of our freedoms.  The Constitution is in no way offensive.

Unfortunately, people are so scared of being “offensive” or even perceived as such that they will willingly destroy the very document that makes America the great country that it is.