City's Mayor Dies at 53 After Being Brutally Beaten On Stage at Charity Event

January 14, 2019Jan 14, 2019

The tragic news was just confirmed that Pawel Adamoqicz, a Polish mayor, has passed away. The politician was brutally attacked in the presence of hundreds of people.

According to BBC, Adamowicz was on stage talking to a crowd of hundreds when a 27-year-old reportedly used a media pass to get on stage. The young man beat the politician, with TV footage showing him with a weapon, later assumed to be a knife.

The 53-year-old mayor was rushed to the hospital, while the suspect was sent into custody. The 27-year-old had reportedly recently gotten out of prison. He said, “Adamowicz is dead”  while also pronouncing that the Civic Platform party had wrongfully imprisoned him.

On Monday, the sad news was confirmed that the mayor was unable to recover from his injuries. BBC reported that he underwent over five hours of surgery for his various abdominal injuries.

Lukasz  Szumowski, Poland’s health minister, confirmed the mayor’s death.

He said a grim, “We couldn’t win.”

Adamowicz had been the city of Gdansk’s mayor for 20 years. Just before his death, he posted a  photo on his personal social media accounts from the stage.

According to reports, Poland is responding to this tragic incident by planning for anti-violence rallies.

Please be praying for Adamowicz's family and city during this time. This is also a good reminder to be keeping our country's leaders in your prayers. Share them here. In other recent news, a legendary Christian singer just said a tearful goodbye to his wife of 65 years. Please keep him in your prayers.

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