Police to Raise Funds After Hurricane Irma by Doing One Crazy Thing

September 13, 2017Sep 13, 2017

First responders in Florida have been working tirelessly for the community following the destruction of Hurricane Irma. A local police department, Gainesville PD, has been continuously posting updates of their officers making rescues and clearing up debris.

One particular post from Gainesville PD went viral with over 230,000 shares, over 405,000 reactions, and more than 149,000 comments. This viral photo wasn’t of officers making a rescue or clearing up debris, but of three “handsome” officers getting ready for duty.

The hilarious and uplifting comments are what stood out to people the most. Many ladies commented on how good looking the officers were, which put a smile on their faces in the midst of dealing with a very tragic situation.

The police department later posted an update, informing the public that two of the officers are happily married and one of them is single. They also shared new photos of other “good-looking” police officers from their team and other partners.

In response to the massive number of comments and high interest in the “handsome” first responders, they will be making a calendar. The calendar will be for sale soon in order to raise funds for Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

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