Police Starting To Call Deadly Mall Shooting A Terrorist Attack

July 22, 2016Jul 22, 2016

UPDATE AT 3:21 P.M. EASTERN — ISIS is celebrating the suspected terrorist attack on social media, according to the UK Telegraph. Among many ecstatic messages, one tweet read, "The Islamic State is expanding in Europe."

Police are starting to call a mall shooting in Munich, Germany an act of terrorism as they continue to search for up to three armed suspects.

According to the UK Daily Mail, up to 6 people have died and up to 15 have been injured in a shooting that appeared to occur in both the Olympia Shopping Centre and the McDonald's across the street from the mall.

Videos and photos posted on social media show a gunman firing multiple shots at fleeing people and numerous injured or dead people lying on the ground.

The city of 1.5 million is currently in lockdown with police warning people to find shelter and stay indoors. Some people are still hiding in the mall.

Recent Islamic terror attacks in France and Germany have put Europe on edge.