Police Sergeant Suspended For Exercising His 1st Amendment Rights In EPIC Response To ‘Black Lives Matter’

September 01, 2016Sep 01, 2016

Another public servant has felt the wrath of the liberal agenda that is sweeping through America. According to the Daily Caller, a police officer in New Rochelle, New York was suspended from duty for offering some perspective to members of the anti-police ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. 

Sergeant Christopher Castiglia exercised his 1st amendment right and commented on the racist movement that is threatening the lives of police officers around the country. Castiglia took to Facebook in August and wrote: “Don’t call the police when your world is in disarray to help deal with the worst 10 minutes of your life, figure it out yourself or better yet, call Shaun King and Black Lives Matter for help.”

Shortly after the Police Department got wind of the post from people in the community, they issued a statement of their own. “We have taken action,” the Department said. “We were displeased with what was posted. The officer did not speak for the department.”

While officer Castiglia may not have been speaking officially for the department, you can believe that his sentiments have the overwhelming support of police officers throughout New Rochelle, New York and the rest of America.

Do you support Sergeant Castiglia’s stance on ‘Black Lives Matter’?