Newborn Baby Rescued After Police Searched for Couple on the Run

April 23, 2018Apr 23, 2018

UPDATE AT 12:02 P.M. EASTERN — The newborn boy has been found safe. His father was taken into custody on outstanding warrants, the Tampa Bay Times reported. His mother was not with them, but she may face charges, too. Thank you for your prayers for this baby's rescue.


Police are asking for the public’s help in locating a newborn boy who is believed to be in the hands of a dangerous couple that has already been wanted by law enforcement.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, 32-year-old David Cooper and 25-year-old Kaitlynn Lovel recently lost custody of their two children after “significant charges of child abuse.”

David is already wanted on numerous other charges relating to illegal drug use and domestic violence. Pregnant with their third child and knowing they’d immediately lose custody of it, too, the Illinois couple reportedly fled to the Tampa, Florida area to give birth to the child, Fox 13 reported. That happened in March.

Their new baby, a boy named Sage Cooper, is now a month old and is believed to still be in the hands of his non-custodial parents. Authorities are renewing efforts to find him and have alerted the public to be on the lookout.

"It’s important we find these people because of their past history and age of child. We don’t know what could be in this child’s medical history that puts him in danger, or what kind of conditions he’s living in now,” explained Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Danny Alvarez.

An Illinois court even ordered Sage’s parents to not have contact with each other.

David is six feet and weighs 170 pounds. He is white and has brown hair and hazel eyes. He also has tattoos over both his eyebrows, on both his cheeks, and down his neck, according to ABC affiliate WFTS Tampa Bay.

Kaitlyn is five feet, eight inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. She is white and has long brown dreadlocks and brown eyes. She also has numerous tattoos on both of her arms and hands.

Sage is 20 inches long and weighs eight pounds. All three may be traveling in a 2005 Bronze Nissan Altima with the Florida license plate JJEM73. A similar vehicle is pictured below. It’s unknown which state they may be traveling in, but Florida sent out a missing child alert Monday evening.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, please call 911. In other missing child news, police are still looking for a South Carolina 2-year-old they believe was taken by his non-custodial parents, who were last seen fleeing through North Carolina.

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