Missing 13-Year-Old Girl Found After Frantic Search

April 03, 2018Apr 03, 2018
Updated April 3 2018 1:00 PM ET

UPDATE: The missing teen was found safe, Action News Jax reported Tuesday morning. Little details regarding her discovery were provided. This story will be updated if more information is released to the public; read the original story below.

Florida Police have turned to social media asking for help in their search to find a young girl. 13-year-old Kierston Chamberlain went missing on Monday, April 2.

The teenage girl was last seen at around 9 a.m. on Monday just before leaving Bradford Middle School campus. According to initial reports, the girl was walking away from the campus at that time.

While investigators say that they know Chamberlain was walking away from the campus, they have no indication about which direction she went. Since that time, she has not been seen or heard from.

The 13-year-old girl was wearing light denim jeans, a purple zip-up jacket, and black tennis shoes. She has bright blonde hair.

Police shared her photo on social media and asked that all of their followers share it as well.

If anyone has information about Kierston’s whereabouts, please contact the Starke Police Department at (904) 966-6161.

Please pray for wisdom for investigators and for safety for Kierston. Share your prayers here and please be on the lookout! On Easter, another 13-year-old went missing when he fell down a drainage pipe. Thankfully, he was just rescued! 

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