Police Searching for 'Dangerous' Woman 'Infatuated with Columbine Shooting' After Threats Reported

April 17, 2019Apr 17, 2019


The woman in question has been found dead after a massive search. Police have not released details at this time regarding her death.

"Sol Pais, the armed 18-year-old from Florida who made threats and was 'infatuated' with Columbine, has been found dead, a law enforcement official told CNN," according to reports.

"There is no longer a threat to the community," the FBI's Denver office tweeted Wednesday, using the hashtag "#FindSol."
"Additional details are not immediately available," the FBI said.

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A massive manhunt is underway today after a dangerous woman made some extremely violent threats against local schools in Colorado. Now, police are searching around the clock to find her.

"Colorado police agencies are continuing their search for an "armed and dangerous" woman who has expressed infatuation with the Columbine school shooting, according to FBI Denver Special Agent in Charge Dean Phillips. Sol Pais, 18, of Florida, is accused of making a threat against the Denver metropolitan area that prompted lockouts at multiple Colorado schools on Tuesday and school closures on Wednesday," reported KTVB.

Sol is originally from Florida. She is believed to have been infatuated by the Columbine school shooting during the 1990s. She allegedly traveled to Colorado this week.

“She departed the airport and went to a store, where she did procure a weapon,” Phillips said. “She obtained a pump-action shotgun and ammunition. She was then taken to an area where she was last seen out towards the foothills and we’ve been trying to find her ever since."

Over one thousands schools in the area were closed due to the ongoing threat. School officials have responded by saying they are taking the situation very seriously.

"We take these threats seriously," Jeffco Sheriff Jeff Shrader said. "It's not the first threat we've had that involves Columbine High School. In that regard, I know this opens a wound...especially for those families most deeply impacted by this."

If you see her, or know where she is, please contact the FBI tipline at 303-630-6227 or email tips at denverfbitips@fbi.gov. The public should not approach her. Please join us in praying for a peaceful end to this scary situation.

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