Police Searching for 2-Yr-Old Kidnapped After Suspect Knocked Out Boy's Mother

September 04, 2018Sep 04, 2018

Police in Florida are desperately searching for a 2-year-old who was snatched from his mother. There is an AMBER alert out for the boy, and the Largo, FL, PD have released a sketch of a man who may have the missing boy.

A Florida AMBER Alert was issued for Jordan Belliveau, age 2. Belliveau has been missing since Saturday, and he was last seen in the area of Lake Avenue and East Bay Drive in Largo.

Jordan's mother Charisse Stinson told Largo police that she and Jordan were out walking around 9:30 p.m on Saturday when a man in a white Toyota Camry offered them a ride. Stinson said she did not know the man, who told them his name is Antwan.

Stinson and her son got into the man's car. While they were driving, Stinson said she and Antwan got into a fight and he punched her in the head.

She told police she woke up around 1 a.m. in a wooded area of Largo's Central Park. She could not find her son. Police conducted an extensive search of the park, and they could not find the boy.

On Monday, Largo police released a stock photo of a 2010 Toyota Camry, which is the car the man is believed to have been driving. The man's car also had a white grill and dark tinted windows. There were rosary beads and a black air freshener hanging from the car’s rear-view mirror.

Investigators recovered bloody clothing from inside the apartment Charisse Stinson shares with her son.

When asked at a news conference on Tuesday morning if the mother is being truthful with investigators, Maj. Stephen Slaughter answered in affirmative. He also revealed that they've received 60-70 tips with little luck. 

"Do you think she's been 100 percent truthful with investigators?" 8 On Your Side reporter Ryan Hughes asked.

"I feel that she's answered all our questions so we can continue our investigation," Slaughter said.

Meanwhile, the search continues for little Jordan. Dive teams are searching ponds and waterways in the area where he was last seen. Police say he most likely does not know how to swim.

K9s are assisting with the search on the ground. Detectives are re-tracing the boy and his mother's steps as part of the search and investigation.

Investigators say Jordan's parents are being cooperative. There is video that confirms Stinson was in Largo Central Park, which is where she said she woke up after being knocked out.

Detectives say 40 tips from all across the state have been run down by detectives. They also asked if anyone has Jordan, they drop him off at any fire station.

Authorities released the following description of Jordan Belliveau. Jordan Belliveau is a black male and is 2 ft. 6 inches tall. He weighs 30 pounds and has short brown hair and brown eyes. Jordan has a partially healed cut on the underside of his chin. He also has a birthmark on the right side of his stomach.

Jordan was wearing a blue shirt with "72" on the front, blue gym shorts with a black and white stripe, black socks, and black and white Nike sneakers.

Authorities released the following description of the man who may go by the name Antwan. They later also released a sketch.

Antwan is described as 26-years-old, brown hair, brown eyes, gold teeth, and dreadlocks. He was wearing black basketball shorts with an "AMD1" logo and a white tank top

"Police are asking all residents residing along the East Bay Drive corridor between Belcher Road and Missouri Avenue to review any privately held security footage that may have captured the suspect," noted local news.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this child please contact the Largo Police Department at (727) 587-6730.