Update on Search for Texas Female Reporter Missing Under Suspicious Circumstances

January 08, 2018Jan 08, 2018

UPDATE at 10:35 a.m. ET: Roland has been found! The Houston Police released the following statement:


ORIGINAL STORY: A sad report emerged out of Texas on Monday morning. A beloved Texas A&M reporter has been missing since Sunday. 

Courtney Roland is a 29-year-old sports reporter for AggieYell.com for Texas A&M. Some reports claim that Roland was last seen covering a football camp on Saturday in the Houston area. Other reports claim that she was spotted on Sunday afternoon.

Reportedly, Roland sent an eerie text message to her roommate on early Sunday morning. KPRC reported that Roland said that a suspicious looking man in a blue truck was following her to her house. 

Later in the day when the reporter was supposed to meet up with her roommate, she never showed up. According to USA Today, Roland was spotted on Sunday afternoon walking into a store at The Galleria. 


On early Monday morning, police located Roland's car. Her 2010 white Jeep Cherokee was located in the Galleria area of Houston. Her purse, phone, and belongings were all inside of the vehicle. 

Since news broke of her disappearance, family and friends have been reaching out to social media seeking help. 




Thankfully, Roland has now been found safe! Please be praying that she is out of harm's way and that she is able to find peace after this traumatic experience. Additionally, pray for her family and friends during this difficult time. In other recent news, firefighters were battling a fire at Trump Tower in New York early Monday morning.

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