Police Search House in Connection with MacKenzie Lueck Disappearance

June 28, 2019Jun 28, 2019

According to reports, the parents of Mackenzie Lueck reported their daughter missing on Thursday afternoon, according to FOX 13. Lueck texted her parents at about 1 a.m. Monday morning from the Salt Lake City International Airport to let them know she arrived from California.

Mackenzie allegedly took a ride from a Lyft driver that she had ordered. The driver took her to a park where she got out, loaded her bags into an unknown car with another individual. It was the last time she has been seen.

"The investigation has not discovered any information that would lead us to believe that Mackenzie has been harmed or is in danger at this time,” police said, adding that “detectives are concerned for Mackenzie’s welfare” and ask anyone with information on her whereabouts to contact Salt Lake City Police at 801-799-3000 and reference case No. 19-111129," according to reports.

On Thursday, authorities gathered at a home in the northern part of Salt Lake City. They were seen combing the property for hours. Neighbors reported seeing officials digging holes in the backyard and carting boxes away, most likely full of evidence.

At this time, details about what prompted the search are not exactly clear. Police have yet to identify the person of interest who may own the home. They said they will if they make an arrest. The property also appears to be an Air BnB unit that people can rent a room within. No details have come in yet to confirm Lueck ever stayed at the home.

The break comes after police revealed they are also looking into online dating profiles that Lueck had been active on.

"Salt Lake City Police investigators at their Tuesday afternoon news conference acknowledged they were aware of the online dating leads and are also looking into them," according to reports.

Friends and family have been combing the area looking for the young woman. They have put up fliers and posters and have been trying to raise awareness about her disappearance. Many think it was odd that she would go to a park in the middle of the night to get a ride from someone.

Investigators are still actively working the case. Please join us in praying for them and for Mackenzie's safe return.

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