Death Toll Rises Significantly After Mass Shooting at Florida High School

February 14, 2018Feb 14, 2018

On Wednesday afternoon, a day that happens to both Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday, a mass shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Florida.

Authorities arrived quickly on the scene to escort students to safety. Students were also seen rushing off campus on their own to flee from the shooter, who was active for several minutes.

The suspected gunman has been identified. He is a former student who had been expelled from the school. He was taken into custody not long after police arrived. (Read more details about the suspect here.)

In a Fox News live feed, reporters claimed that they looked into the shooter's background through his social media accounts. He was reportedly "obsessed" with guns and following several "Syrian resistance" groups on Instagram. A motive has not been released.

CNN has reported that at least 17 people were killed. At least 14 people were taken to the hospital.

Students huddled on classroom floors, fearing for their lives before police escorted them to safety. One student took to social media to express his relief at being alive.

"We have been liberated. God bless, America," a freshman named Aidan tweeted. "Love each other. You may never know when it may be the last day you meet someone."

President Donald Trump responded to the shooting after being briefed on the situation. On social media, he expressed his prayers to the families and noted that he is in communication with Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Watch live updates below:

Please pray for the victims and first responders. This story is developing and will be updated as more information is released.

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