Police Reveal Heartbreaking Reason Nipsey Hustle was at Clothing Store Before Murder

April 04, 2019Apr 04, 2019

Nipsey Hustle was recently gunned down in front of his own store in Los Angeles. The rapper was 33-years-old.

Nipsey was known for doing a lot of good in his community. He gave back to the very neighborhoods where he once grew up. After becoming a successful music artist, Nipsey was very generous and donated a lot of his earning to help children in need.

Since his death, fans and his community have been in shock. Police are still working on the investigation and are trying to find the gunman who approached him before opening fire and escaping in a waiting vehicle.

Now, police are revealing more details about the investigation. They have also just opened up about the exact reason Nipsey was at his store before being murdered.

"Sources connected to Nipsey tell TMZ ... the reason he was at his Marathon Clothing store Sunday is because he was trying to hook up his ex-con pal with some new gear so he could look good before meeting up with his own family and friends later in the day. We're told Nipsey's friend had just walked out of the pen after 20 years behind bars," wrote TMZ.

Nipsey's friend, and another man, were among those injured in the shooting. The other man was said to be the nephew of the ex-convict and had driven him to the store that day.

"Our sources say Nipsey didn't notify his team or his primary security guard he'd be going to the store solo -- it was a spur of the moment thing ... we're told no one in his camp was aware he'd left home," reported TMZ.

Please join us in continuing to pray for all those who are in mourning.

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