Police Respond to Shooting at Small Town High School

December 07, 2017Dec 07, 2017

Police at a small town high school responded Thursday morning to reports of an active shooter. 

According to KRQE News 13, the incident occurred at Aztec High School in the rural northern New Mexico town of Aztec. According to KOB 4 is reporting, two students were killed. Varying reports said between several to up to 15 students were injured, but the San Juan County Sheriff's Office reported in the early afternoon that they had not heard of any injuries.

According to CNN, the shooter is dead. The San Juan County Operations Manager says the shooting suspect is a student, according to KOAT 7. Other than that, neither their identity nor their cause of death have been released. Police continued searching for a while for more suspects and victims. No motive has yet been released.

In a press conference around 5 p.m. Eastern, according to the New Mexico State Police, a spokeswoman said that the White House had given their condolences and offered federal resources for the investigation.

"'In the face of evil, the community of Aztec, we will stand with you and we ask that you will stand with us as well,'" the spokeswoman said, quoting the Trump administration.

At the afternoon press conference, San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christensen confirmed the deaths but didn't release identities. That's all the information they would give. The Aztec Police Department's Chief Mike Heal also spoke.

"It's a terrible day," Heal said before explaining how his police department responded to the shooting within a minute of being called.

Earlier in the day, others in the law enforcement community express their grief.

“It’s horrible — it’s a great community and we love this place. Things can happen anywhere, but it’s shocking when they happen in a place like here,” San Juan County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jayme Harcrow told People magazine.

High schools in the nearby towns of Bloomfield and Farmington were put on lockdown, but there have been no reported incidents in those locations. 

According to the San Juan County Sheriff's Office, the FBI will be arriving soon to investigate. Local residents are calling for prayer.

"Please say a prayer for those effected [sic] at Aztec high school today. God please be with the families, kids, law enforcement and teachers and bring them home safely," asked Farmington resident Mo Assi.

Aztec High School alum Trayer Martinez, who now lives in Aurora, Colorado, commented, "Got love for you Aztec. So saddened by the news. Left work today headed that way to be with the family. Let’s come together as a community, praying for everyone."

Lacey Propkop added, "Prayers to all of those affected. Prayers for those who have been lost and injured and their families. Thank you for keeping the community accurately informed. This is a tragic event that I was hoping would never occur so close to home."

Please keep the victims in your prayers. This story is still developing. In other news, a number of celebrities are asking for prayer after fleeing from the still-raging wildfire in the middle of Los Angeles.

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