Police Release Suspect Sketch After Man Kidnaps Elderly Mom of Famous Athlete

August 04, 2017Aug 04, 2017

The elderly mom of one of the most famous baseball players of all time was kidnaped. According to CBS News, a man kidnapped her at gunpoint from her home outside Baltimore on July 24, 2012.

She was blindfolded, forced into her own car and driven around for nearly 24 hours before the then-74-year-old was returned unharmed, they reported. Vi Ripken, the woman who was kidnapped, is Cal Ripken Jr.’s mother.

While the abduction actually happened nearly five years ago, police are still searching for the suspect. In an effort to draw more leads and hopefully apprehend the kidnapper, police have now released a sketch of what they believe he looked like.


The sketch appears to show a white male who is middle aged and wears glasses. The sketch does not show he has any facial hair. However, since it has been so long since the kidnapping, the suspect could look incredibly different.

"Mom is forever affected. There's no doubt about it," Cal Ripken Jr. said. "And we're forever affected as a result of that. And it's a little unsettling. He's still out there."


Police have been supportive throughout the investigation. They have already spent about 1,000 hours investigating the case but they have not made a conclusive arrest.

"We have a suspect, we want this person caught," said Lt. William Reiber. "And quite frankly, this was a case where you had an elderly woman — regardless of what her last name was — that a person went into her garage, abducted her, held her for 23 hours. This is a person who needs to face justice for their actions."


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