Police: Person With Gun Reported on Northwestern Campus

March 14, 2018Mar 14, 2018

Update: Police are now saying that the call they received about a gunman on campus was a "hoax."

Police claim that there was, in fact, no gunman at Northwestern University and that the hoax was a "swatting incident." This means that the caller attempted to cause a SWAT response with a fake crime report. 

On Wednesday afternoon, reports emerged about a man who might be armed with a gun on Northwestern University campus, according to WGN TV. Police were contacted by an individual claiming to have shot his girlfriend in the area of Emerson Street and Maple Avenue.


The call came at about 2:17 pm. In order to warn faculty and students about this possible threat to their life and safety, the university quickly posted an emergency notification to staff and students at 2:40 pm. Minutes later, at 3:11 pm, Evanston police tweeted that after checking the area thoroughly, they could find no evidence of a victim, scene, or gunman.

Police say they are continuing to search the area in order to make sure that it is safe for faculty and students. As a result, police have urged students, faculty, and community members to stay out of the area due to the investigation. On top of that, the university has also urged people at Englehart Hall, a graduate student dorm, to remain inside with their doors locked. 


Northwestern University tweeted out that people should, if at all possible, seek shelter in a safe place. Portions of the campus were also locked down and will likely remain so until the investigation is completed. 




The Chicago Tribune claims that police currently searching the area and are still trying to determine whether or not the claim that shots had been fired was a "hoax."

"That could be a possibility that we are also investigating," Evanston Police Cmdr. Ryan Glew, a spokesman for the department, said according to the Chicago Tribune. "We’re still treating this as an active investigation."

In recent news, hundreds of students are "taking a knee" in silent protest for increased gun control.

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