Officer Finds Single Mom Stealing Diapers, Responds In Unexpected Way

July 28, 2017Jul 28, 2017

CNN has reported that a young, single Maryland mother went into a Giant Food grocery store to go shopping for her infant son. She purchased groceries but didn’t have enough money to get diapers. That’s when a security officer at a Maurel, Maryland supermarket caught her trying to shoplift about $15 worth of diapers.

How this security officer responded was uplifting to many Maryland residents. Rather than arresting the woman, which he easily may have done after seeing the woman attempt to shoplift, officer Bennett Johns actually bought the diapers for her with his own money. Pictures were taken of the officer buying the woman two packs of diapers, which can be seen below. 

After discovering her shoplifting, Johns realized that the young mother was unable to afford the diapers for her son. As somebody who also grew up with a single mother, he hoped that his small deed might help provide this young child with a better life.

Johns did nevertheless issue the woman with a citation for theft, meaning that she will still have to appear in court for the misdemeanor, according to CNN. But the city of Laurel has still referred the young mother to an advocacy service, one that helps struggling families in the local area, to ensure that she doesn’t fall through the cracks. Thus, although she was issued a citation, the city is still trying to ensure she receives the help she needs from the community.

Local citizens are encouraged by this act of kindness, believing that it is an act of empathy toward innocent life that all public servers should exemplify. On a related note, another officer was recently found praying over a child in a viral video.

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