Police Officer Approaches Car, Reacts Quickly when She Sees what’s Inside…

June 15, 2017Jun 15, 2017

Police Officer Robin Gander of Rock Hill, South Carolina reacted quickly after she noticed something terribly wrong inside a car on a very, hot day. It was almost 100 degrees outside at the time of the incident.

As Gander approached the parked car in a shopping center parking lot, she saw two puppies inside the vehicle. WCNC first reported on the story, mentioning the puppies were extremely overheated when the officer rescued them.

To save the puppies’ lives before the heat had any serious impact was challenging, since the officer could only use what she had on-hand. Her strategy to save them was so creative. Gander stated to a WCNC reporter:

“The only thing I had on me was my food cooler that I kept my lunch in. I was able to put them so they sat in my cooler. They both fit in there and [I] just started blasting the AC.”

The owner of the puppies, Latoya Reid, was found and has been charged with 'ill treatment of animals'. 

Thankfully, the puppies are reportedly doing well. Watch the video below to see the cute puppies:


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