Police, Local Authorities in Desperate Search of Missing 2-Year-Old Girl

March 21, 2018Mar 21, 2018

UPDATE: The search for the child has been canceled. Please read the latest details here.

Authorities have been searching for a toddler missing from Hoisington, Kansas. 2-year-old Ivonia Lewis was last seen on March 18.

The young girl went missing late Sunday night wearing only a diaper. She was reportedly last seen in the 400 block of Elm in Hoisington, Kansas.

Now, the Hoisington Police Department, Fire Department, Barton County Sheriff’s Office, EMS, and the Kansas Highway Patrol are all on high alert and in a desperate search for the 2-year-old.

Below are details about the young girl:

DOB: April 3, 2015

Age: 2

Sex: Female

Race: Black

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 2’5”

Weight: 27 lbs

The authorities are conducting door to door searches to try to find out any more information about the nature of the missing child case.

When the news was first reported, the child’s name was not immediately provided. Additionally, there have been no indications given about when she was officially reported missing or by whom.

Please be praying that the authorities are able to locate this young girl and that she is found safely. Share your prayers here! If you know any information about the whereabouts of Ivonia, police advise you to call the Hoisington Police Department at 1-620-793-1920.

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