Details Just Released in the Escape of 12 Alabama Inmates

July 31, 2017Jul 31, 2017

New details have just been released in the case of the 12 men who escaped an Alabama jail Sunday night. The men were able to escape after they tricked a new employee into opening a door which led to the outside.

According to James Underwood from the Walker County Sheriff’s Department, the inmates used peanut butter from the jail sandwiches to change the number over a door leading to the outside to the number of an internal cell. After an inmate asked a young, and inexperienced employee to open the door to his cell, the inmates were then able to make a break for the outside.

After they escaped around 6: 20 P.M. Sunday night, inmates then used blankets to make their way over the razor-wire fence. Underwood believes the men made it over the barbed wire in about ten minutes. 

"It may sound crazy, but these kinds of people are crazy like a fox," Underwood said in a news conference. "He thought he was opening the cell door for this man to go in his cell, but in fact, he opened up the outside door."

"Escapes happen," Underwood said. "We've got some evil people down here, and they scheme all the time to con us and our employees at the jail. You've got to stay on your toes. This is one time we slipped up. I'm not going to make any excuses."

The 12 men were serving jail time for charges ranging from disorderly conduct to attempted murder. Police were able to capture 11 of the 12 inmates within 8 hours and expect the last escapee to be back in custody by tonight. 24-year-old Bradley Andrew Kilpatrick is the inmate still at large, he is serving time on charges of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

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