Police Issue Arrest Warrant for One of Disney’s Most Beloved Stars

January 02, 2018Jan 02, 2018

One of Disney’s most beloved stars, a woman who young girls love to dress up as, may have to demand that law enforcement let her go after a police issued a warrant for her arrest. The warrant was issued in the city of Slidell, Louisiana, across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans.

The Slidell Police Department announced on their Facebook page Tuesday that they wanted to throw none other than Queen Elsa of “Frozen” behind bars. They released a statement after the mercury in their thermometers dropped below freezing for the second time this week, a record-breaking event in the temperate Bayou region.


“As you can see by the weather, she is a very dangerous girl. Approach with caution!” the department jokingly proclaimed in reference to the Disney movie where Elsa plunges her kingdom into an “eternal winter.”

In reality, though, it’s Winter Storm Grayson, not the snow queen, that’s wreaking havoc in the eastern U.S. as much of the country experiences colder-than-normal temperatures. And it’s predicted to get worse.


90% of the country didn’t get above freezing on New Year’s Day, according to CNN, and network meteorologist Taylor Ward failed to bring feeling back into people’s fingers and toes with the forecast: “The cold is here to stay and the worst is yet to come.”

Even typically warm places are feeling this winter’s wrath. Northern Floridians may get up to half an inch of snow Tuesday night, according to NBC News.

In Lancaster, New York on Tuesday, there was a massive pileup involving 75 cars on an icy highway. There were injuries but no deaths, WIVB reports. Below-zero temperatures in Green Bay, Wisconsin froze a lift bridge in the upward position last week after letting a ship pass underneath, according to WBAY. It was hours before it worked again.

Winter storm warnings have been issued up and down the coastal regions of the Southeast from Gainesville, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia, Weather.com reports. Further up the coast, Boston saw its 100-year-record tied Tuesday after experiencing seven days in a row of temperatures that never went north of 20 degrees. Bangor, Maine, meanwhile, hit a record 24 degrees below zero on New Year’s Eve, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Chicago saw a record, too, with a high on New Year’s Day of 1 degree. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the city is expecting wind chills as low as -29 degrees this week.

Brrrrrr! That’s enough to get many cities chanting at Elsa: “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

In other news, police need your help finding two children who went missing after their mom was found dead.

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