Police Investigating Potential Threat to Southern High School

February 18, 2018Feb 18, 2018

Petal School District is addressing the possible threats made toward Petal High School made on social media this weekend. The school district, in order to inform parents of what is happening, released a statement directly onto the school district's Facebook page. 

Apparently, the school district had been informed of social media posts mentioning possible threats toward the high school. As a result, authorities, including police officers and local law enforcement officials, are actively investigating all possible scenarios. One measure they will be taking will be to have additional uniformed officers on campuses beginning Monday. They hope this precaution will work toward the protection of all students and faculty. 

"Additional precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of all students and staff on all campuses," remarked the school district in the statement, according to WJTV News. "We will have additional uniformed officers on all campuses beginning tomorrow – Monday, February 19th."

The school district remarked in the statement that the social media posts cannot be verified and are therefore causing miscommunication and heightened anxiety among students and parents. As a result, the school district requests that parents do not engage in speculation or gossip, and they especially request that such speculation or gossip not be posted in public places, where such actions might only make the situation and anxiety worse. 


"Unfortunately, social ...media posts which cannot be verified are causing miscommunication and heightened anxiety among students and parents," said the school. "We appreciate your cooperation in NOT posting comments or sharing information that cannot be confirmed. We are searching for the individual(s) responsible for originating the posts that are currently being shared."

The district requests that anybody with information about a possible threat please contact the Petal School District Police Department at 601-554-7260. 

It has been announced that the school district plans to prosecute any individual found posting threats to the school district to the fullest extent. Consequently, they ask that everyone please help in combatting social media uses which impact, in a negative way, the culture of the school. 

"As always," they conclude, "the protection, safety, and security of all students and staff is our top priority."

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