Police In Huge Manhunt For Trump Manifesto Man, Suspect His Intentions Are Deadly

April 11, 2017Apr 11, 2017

Police are in a manhunt for a convicted felon they say stole 18 guns, sent President Trump a 161-page manifesto, threatened public officials and schools, and led authorities to believe he might commit suicide-by-cop.

Fox News is reporting that House Speaker Paul Ryan and his family are also being provided extra security since 32-year-old Jacob Jakubowski was last sighted in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.

150 officers from state and federal agencies are looking for Jakubowski, whose anti-government manifesto has arrived at the White House, according to WTMJ-TV.

The document also contains anti-religion language, which has churches on alert, too.

The 18 firearms were reportedly stolen from a Janesville gun shop, and police believe he’s ready and willing to use them on civilians and officers.

Jakubowski’s mom and stepdad are hoping he’ll give himself up because they “would rather have him alive” than dead in a shootout with police.

According to WISN, a video has surfaced of Jakubowski, taken by him with his cellphone, where he drops the manifesto in a mailbox and proclaims, “Revolution. It's time for change."

If you spot him or know about his possible whereabouts, notify authorities immediately.

Pray for the protection of our law enforcement officers involved!