Second Suspect Charged with Murder in Missing Pennsylvania Men Case

July 13, 2017Jul 13, 2017
Updated July 14 2017 3:25 pm ET

Four young men went missing last week in a case that has captured the nation’s attention. Now police in Bucks County, Pennsylvania have gotten two major breaks.

19-year-old Jimi Tar Patrick of Newtown Township, 22-year-old Mark Sturgis of Pennsburg, 21-year-old Tom Meo of Plumstead Township, and 19-year-old Dean A. Finocchiaro of Middletown disappeared, prompting a massive hunt. Then investigators found human remains buried in an area property, according to CNN.

By Thursday, the identity of one of the remains had been released. Finocchiaro was declared dead.

Police arrested 20-year-old Cosmo DiNardo, the son of one of the property’s owners, as a person of interest. According to Fox News, DiNardo has a history of making death threats and has posted a photo of himself on social media with a crazed look in his eyes and a revolver pointed at the camera.

DiNardo was reportedly friends with Finocchiaro, but when asked by another friend if he was concern about Finocchiaro’s disappearance, DiNardo referred to him as a “pill-popping junky” who was probably just running away from his parole officer.

But a friend of Meo’s, Eric Beitz of Bensalem, told that, “I can tell you on multiple different occasions, on multiple different accounts, from multiple different people, including myself — Cosmo [DiNardo] has spoken about weird things like killing people and having people killed. Everybody you talk to about this guy, you hear he’s mentally unstable.”

Late Thursday afternoon, police got the break they were hoping for. DiNardo confessed to the murders of all four young men, according to Fox News. His lawyer said DiNardo is set to plead guilty for all four counts of first-degree murder as long as he won’t have to face the death penalty.

Now on Friday, a second suspect has been charged with murder...STORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE.

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