Police Close Investigation on Stabbing Attack of World Champion Athlete

November 16, 2017Nov 16, 2017

Last December, world-acclaimed tennis athlete Petra Kvitova was a victim of a horrible attack. The double Wimbledon champion was attacked in her Czech flat by an individual with a knife. 

According to the original reports, the athlete tenaciously fought off the attacker but ended up getting extremely injured in her left hand, her main tennis playing hand. Up to six months after the attack, the athlete still did not have any feeling in two of her fingers. 

She said, "I am shaken, but fortunate to be alive. The injury is severe and I will need to see specialists, but if you know anything about me I am strong and I will fight this."

The attack took place on December 20 before 8:30 a.m. At the time of the attack, police knew very little about the attacker. They knew that it was a man around 35-years-old, and they suspected that the attack was random. 

Almost a full year later, police still do not have answers to their many questions. Now, they have decided to close the investigation due to a lack of evidence. They made the announcement public on Thursday, November 16.

Detective Jan Lisicky said, "Despite extensive investigation, we have not managed to identify the attacker to date...We shelved the case on November 8, 2017...but, if we find new facts- if we identify the attacker- we will immediately start criminal proceedings."

The Wimbledon champion of 2011 and 2014 said that she is ready to move on from the scary attack. She also said that after recovering from major surgery on her hand, she is feeling optimistic.

She said, "I'm aware of the news in the Czech Republic today. The attack last December is thankfully in the past. I am in Dubai working hard on my pre-season training and focusing on playing some good tennis next year."

At the time of the attack, Kvitova was ranked 11th in the world in tennis. Currently, she is ranked 29th. 

Thankfully, the athlete has almost made a full recovery. Unfortunately, the attacker is still on the loose and will not get the punishment that he deserves. In other breaking news, an Olympic medalist just died in a sad training accident

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