Police Chase Suspected Kidnapper, Victim Held at Knifepoint

February 27, 2018Feb 27, 2018

NBC Los Angeles reported on Tuesday that police were chasing a suspected kidnapper throughout the Pomona area. The pursuit apparently began at about 4:20 pm, according to sources. 

At one point during the incident, a person was being held a knifepoint. At another point during the incident, a police chase ensued, and according to NBC LA, it wasn't immediately clear to police "who was the victim and who was the suspect."

The vehicle being pursued was a black pickup. At one point the truck lost at least one tire and was riding on rims. Sparks were flying from the front and back passenger's side. 

Eventually, the chase ended when police spun out the vehicle. 

Incidents like this draw attention to a growing problem in the United States: the danger that police officers face every day patrolling the streets. The number of U.S. police officers killed in the line of duty hit a five-year-high in 2016, according to USA Today.

USA Today reports that in 2016 there were also more ambush-style attacks than in the past two decades. 2016's 135 fatalities represented a 10% increase over the 123 officers who were killed in 2015. 

In 2017, there was a decrease in the number of law enforcement officers killed int he line of duty, with the second lowest number of officers fatalities recorded in more than 50 years. 

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